Tractor Tipping is a mini-game in the game where you have to be Mater and you have to tip all the Tractors! In Arcade, you can also be Lightning McQueen.


(Lightning McQueen drives over to Mater's house. Mater is sleeping.)
Lightning McQueen: "Psst... Mater."
Mater: (startles) "What? What happen - somebody call the police..." (wakes up) "Oh, hey, buddy."
Lightning McQueen: "C'mon, let's go tractor tipping."
Mater: "Wait a minute, you wanna go tractor tipping? Haha, please, I thought you was a-scared."
Lightning McQueen: "Me? Afraid of tractors?"
Mater: "No, a-scared of Frank."
Lightning McQueen: "Nah. Frank's a big guy. Moves slow."
Mater: "I seen him move pretty fast."
Lightning McQueen: "He moves left, I'll fake to the right. He cuts to the right, I shoot to the left."
(Mater and Lightning McQueen start to drive out.)
Mater: "Well, alright then smarty-fenders, what if he comes straight at us?"
Lightning McQueen: "Easy. We run."
—Cut-scene Part 1
(Mater and Lightning McQueen drive into the tractors' field. It is nighttime.)
Mater: "Hehe. This is gonna be fun."
—Cut-scene Part 2

The GameEdit

The player has to tip all of the tractors in the level without being in the spotlights for too long and without getting caught by Frank. Also make sure not to block a tractor with a bridge.


  • Tip all tractors
  • Avoid the Searchlights.
  • Watch out for Frank!


Level Tractors To Tip Time Limit Award Notes
1 7 3:00 1 trophy The only level without searchlights
2 8 3:40 1 trophy The first level with searchlights
3 7 3:00 2 trophies The first level with bridges that you have to push into the ditches to get across. Also, the first level with static searchlights
4 7 3:20 2 trophies
5 6 4:00 3 trophies
6 13 4:05 3 trophies
7 8 2:05 4 trophies In this level, you have to tip all the tractors in a certain sequence.
8 10 3:35 4 trophies
Total 71 26:45 20 trophies

Scene when the Player FailsEdit

This is the scene shown when the player fails a level, if they stay in the searchlights for too long, or get caught by Frank.

(Frank chases Lightning McQueen and Mater out of the field.)
Frank: "MOOOO!!!!!"
Lightning McQueen: "Whoa!"
Mater: "Run! He's gonna get you!"
(Lightning McQueen and Mater drive away.)
—The scene when a player fails a level.

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Mini GamesEdit

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