Sheriff's Chase is one of the Road Races in Cars: The Video Game.


(Sheriff is parked in front of the Radiator Springs billboard when Lightning McQueen arrives)
Lightning McQueen: "Keeping cool, Sheriff?"
Sheriff: "Nope, speeders."
Lightning McQueen: "Yeah, I hate those little buggers too. Get all stuck in your grill..."
Sheriff: "No, no, not mosqueeters, son! Speeders! Got sand in your tank or what? You of all cars should know a thing'r 2 'bout speedin'. Wasn't too long ago I recall catching a certain race car who tore through my town."
Lightning McQueen: "Right, that chase. Well, you gotta remember, you had help."
Sheriff: "Help?! You wouldn't accuse an officer of the law of cheating, would you, son?"
Lightning McQueen: "Well, there was some barbed wire snagged on my bumper, telephone wires, and that statue of Stanley kind of slowed me down too.
Sheriff: "Why, you're tryin' to tempt me into a rematch, aren't you?"
(they drive onto the road)
Lightning McQueen: "Sheriff, no. Would I do something like that?"
Sheriff: "I'll take your challenge, boy! Doc just tuned me up and outfitted me with a turbocharger!" (makes revving sounds)
Lightning McQueen: "Wait a second. You're not gonna bust me for speeding and throw me into the impound afterwards, are you?"
Sheriff: "No sir... not if you win."


The race is 1 big lap through Radiator Springs and Ornament Valley. You play as Lightning, and your only opponent is Sheriff. If you win, you will earn 5 trophies, unlock Ornament Valley, and 2 new events: Sheriff's Hot Pursuit and Rustbucket Race-O-Rama.

Also note, Sheriff always gets a head start. That's most likely because of his turbocharger.


(Lightning McQueen is doing donuts, spinning round and round.)
Sheriff: "Just what do you think you're doing, son?"
Lightning McQueen: (stops spinning) "What? I thought all cops liked donuts."
Sheriff: "Get outta here! Before I have you picking up trash on the highway!"
Lightning McQueen: "Ah, c'mon, gimme a little laugh on that, the donuts, that's funny!"
Sheriff: (gets angry at McQueen)
(Lightning McQueen drives away.)
Sheriff: "Hot rodder."