Sarge's Boot Camp is a mini-game in Cars: The Video Game.


Level 1Edit

(Lightning McQueen comes to Sarge's SUV Boot Camp, and Sarge is already there,)
Sarge: "You were scheduled to be here at Oh-Ten-Hundred soldier."
Lightning McQueen: "Heh. Sarge, I'm not really a soldier."
Sarge: "You are now, private! TEN HUT!"
Lightning McQueen: "Yes, sir."
Sarge: (drives up to Lightning) "I can't hear you, McQueen!"
Lightning McQueen: "YES, SIR!!!"
Sarge: "Better. Now Doc said you are sorely in need of some formal Off Road training, and by the looks of you, I'd say he's right! You're in my army now, son! So git down on your wheels and kiss the asphalt goodbye! Let's move it! Go, go, go, go!"
(Lightning goes into the Boot Camp)
—Cut-Scene Part 1
(Sarge and Lightning McQueen are at the top of a gulch, watching Sarge's Students try to climb out of the gulch.)
Sarge's Students #2: "This is too hard!"
Sarge: "Come on, you gas guzzlin' sissies! I know you all got V8's!"
Sarge's Student #2: "I didn't get my latte!"
(Sarge's Student #1 falls down and flips over.)
Sarge: "Have you ever even been off-road?! I want you to wade into that mud! Eat that dirt!" (to Lightning:) "Now, your first task is to make it around this course, double-time, and clear all obstacles. Do not falter! Failure is not an option!"
Lightning McQueen: "No faltering. Check."
—Cut-Scene Part 2

Level 2Edit

(After Lightning finishes the first course, he comes back to Sarge)
Sarge: "Not bad. But now... the course is different. It will require different skills."
(The camera gives a view of the 2nd course)
Sarge: "You will need to be agile, fit, athletic, and adaptable!"
Lightning McQueen: "Heh. You've been reading my press, haven't you, Sarge? Although you left out sleek, charming, and dashing!"
(Sarge gives an angry look at Lightning)
Lightning McQueen: "Okay, I'm going." (he goes into the 2nd course.)

Level 3Edit

(Lightning is next to Sarge, exhausted.)
Sarge: "Alright. One last test, and it'll require all of your muscle, all of your cunning! I want horsepower! I want focus!" (He gets close to Lightning) "I want ingenuity, agility, and endurance!"
Lightning: "Ah, I want some coolant." (He stays there and doesn't go to the 3rd course.)
Sarge: "Move it!"
(Lightning wakes up and quickly goes to the 3rd course.)


  • Run Sarge's training course 3 times!
  • Jump over or avoid obstacles!
  • Don't run out of time!

Other InstructionsEdit

Even though Sarge asks Lightning to clear all obstacles, you can run into an obstacle and not get a time penalty.

Each level is harder than the previous one, and have different obstacles. However, all levels are on the same track.


Level Time Limit Award
1 4:00 2 trophies
2 4:00 3 trophies
3 4:15 5 trophies
Total 12:15 10 trophies

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