Palm Mile Speedway Loading Screen
Palm Mile Speedway is the first Piston Cup Race in the game. However, The King is not in it since he retired, but he is still playable in arcade mode.


Part 1Edit

(Lightning McQueen comes to Flo's V8 Cafe to meet Mack)
Mack: "Hey Lightning, you ready for your first big race of the season?"
Lightning McQueen: "Yeah, I'm ready, I'm pumped!" (gets to the back of the trailer)
Mack: "Speaking of pumped, if Flo pumps me full of any more fuel, I think I'm gonna bust my trailer hitch!"
(Lightning gets into the trailer and closes the door).
Mack: "Better hit the road. Ha ha!" (drives off to Palm Mile Speedway)

Part 2Edit

Darrell Cartrip: "Darrell Cartrip here at Palm Mile Speedway for the start of what's gonna be an amazing Piston Cup race season!" (a picture of Chick shows) "Last season's Piston Cup saw perennial loser Chick finally take first place..." (a question mark appears in front of the picture) "...but it could of been last place, as far as the fans were concerned." (a picture of Lightning McQueen shows) "This season, all eyes are on Lightning McQueen, and I gotta tell you, after his incredible display of sportmanship, I know a lot of ya'll are going to be rooting for him. With the King retired,..." (a picture of Lightning vs. Chick shows) "'s gonna be Chick vs. Lightning this time around. Chick ain't gonna give up that trophy so easily, either." (the picture disappears) "Lightning McQueen, buddy, you better watch your back!"

Part 3Edit

(Guido was giving Lightning a Pit Stop before the race)
Lightning McQueen: "Hey Guido, all set?"
Guido: "Peet stop, boss." (sees Chick coming:) "Uh oh."
Chick Hicks: "Lightning."
Lightning McQueen: "Ah, hello, Chick."
Chick Hicks: "Check it out." (turns around, so that Lightning was behind him)
Guido: "Ay, fai attenzione!" (Ay, pay attention!)
Lightning McQueen: "So? Big deal."
Chick Hicks: (turns back around again) "Well, you know, I just figured you might wanna get acquainted with the view."
Lightning McQueen: (seems confused)
Chick Hicks: "You know what I mean? You know, because you're gonna be spending a lot of time behind me..."
Lightning McQueen: (still looks bored)
Chick Hicks: " the race? We're gonna be in the race and I'll be ahead of you and you'll be behind me... In the race! Is it me? Is it, what are we not getting here?!"
Lightning McQueen: "Ha ha. You are so driven, Chick, I love that about you."
Doc Hudson: (comes to the pit) "Hey you. Back to your pit. Stop bugging my driver."
Chick Hicks: "Too bad your crew chief isn't gonna be out on the track to look after his little boy..." (hits Guido) "Ow, excuse me."
Guido: "Ehi! Cosa ti prende?!" (Hey! What it takes?!)
(Chick Hicks drives away, and Doc and Lightning watch him drive away)

The RaceEdit

The race is 12 laps around Palm Mile Speedway. There are 20 racers, and the 5 leading cars are Lightning, Lee Jr., Chick Hicks, Surgrip, and Hollister. For first place, you get 10 trophies. For 2nd place, 6 trophies. And for 3rd place, 4 trophies.


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