Luigi to the Rescue is the third mini-game in Cars: The Video Game.


(Guido and Luigi were at Luigi's Casa Della Tires when Lightning McQueen came)
Luigi: "You need new tires, yes?"
Lightning McQueen: "No, but I think someone might."
Luigi: "Who?" (turns around and looks at his whitewalls, so does Guido) "Ah... I will sell to them some beautiful whitewalls!"
Lightning McQueen: "Well, I've seen a lot of hubcaps and tires lying by the side of the road outside of town..."
Luigi: (he and Guido quickly turn around) "Tires? On the ground?"
Lightning McQueen: "Do you want me to have Mater pick 'em up for you?"
Luigi: "No, no, no, no, Luigi will do it himself! My poor tires...abandoned...alone...DIRTY! Luigi will go save them!"



  • Luigi! Rescue all of the tires and hubcaps!
  • Don't let time run out!

Other InstructionsEdit

When you find all the tires and hubcaps, you have to bring them back to Luigi's Casa Della Tires. All the tires and hubcaps are marked with yellow dots, while Luigi's Casa Della Tires gets marked by a green dot when you find all the tires and hubcaps.


Level Tires and Hubcaps to Rescue Time Limit Award
1 6 2:30 1 trophy
2 7 2:30 1 trophy
3 8 3:00 2 trophies
4 10 3:30 2 trophies
5 9 3:00 3 trophies
6 12 5:00 3 trophies
7 11 5:30 4 trophies
8 12 5:00 4 trophies
Total 69 30:00 20 trophies