Luigi is a 1959 Fiat 500. He owns Luigi's Casa Della Tires along with Guido. He is only playable in Luigi to the Rescue.

Role in GameEdit

He first appears at the Radiator Springs Grand Prix in Chapter 1, along with Guido, as they watch the race with the audience. He later appears in Luigi to the Rescue, when Lightning McQueen mentioned that he has found a lot of tires and hubcaps around Radiator Springs. He asks Luigi if he will get Mater to pick them up, but Luigi says that he will do it himself, as he gets worried of his lost tires. He also appears in the cut-scene of Monster Truck Mayhem, when McQueen asks him and Guido to give him some monster truck tires, because he doesn't have the right tires for a race against Count SpatulaThe Crippler, and Ginormous.